Human DNA

Modern Science concludes that only less than 5% of human DNA are used to carry genetic blue-prints used in cell replication. The rest are “useless”, and therefore called “Junk DNA”.

But are the so called “Junk DNA” really junk? If not, then what are the uses of them?

German scientist Dr. Meyl has some interesting theories.

Dr. Meyl’s book DNA and Cell Resonance is available on Amazon, but the German to English translation needs more work. He also wrote:

Scalar Wave Transponder

Self-Consistant Electrodynamics

American researcher Tom Bearden is an expert on scalar waves. He suggested that the basis of esoteric Chi or Prana is scalar waves, and human brain is a emitter of scalar wave potentials. Here is his lecture on Evolving Idea Conference 1998.
Part I:

Part II:

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  1. admin Post author

    I agree with you on the DNA part.
    As to the history of humanity, I find funny that our written/oral history available in the public domain can only go back less than ten thousand years. What happened before that? When were the Giza Pyramids built?

    It was said that “the Kingdom is within you”. One can obtain spiritual enlightenment only by searching within. Going to church or synagogue might help, and initiation into secret societies might also help, but the destination is inside each of us, and one has to to reach there himself/herself. That is the key which most people could not yet comprehend!

    Thank you for your comment!

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