What is “gravity”? Is it a pulling force from the center of large object, such as the Earth, or the Sun?

The traditional theory of gravity could not explain why a Monk could levitate. How can this Monk overcome the pulling force from the center of the Earth? Is there a counter-balancing force?

There is also a group game called “Group Levitation”. Seemingly, the gravity on the person sitting at the center is somehow altered/reduced. You can try this game to see for yourself.

Group Levitation

By Michael Daniels

An interesting stunt where a person is lifted up into the air by the fingertips of a group. Interesting and mystifying theory. Read how it’s done here.

Effect: A person becomes seemingly weightless and may be lifted from a chair on the index fingers of four smaller people.
Although various explanations have been proposed, this classic stunt continues to mystify and amuse.

Stage 1: The person to be lifted ( choose a fairly heavy person ) should be relaxed but upright on a firm chair. Feet should be on the floor and their hands on their lap.The four assistants should stand two on each side of the person, one by each shoulder and one by each knee.

Each assistant should make fists with both hands, then extend the two forefingers and touch them together, gently but firmly the two assistants standing by the shoulders, place their extended forefingers under the seated persons right or left armpit.

The other two assistants place their forefinger under the seated persons left or right knee.The person to be lifted thinks “down” and imagines him or herself to be sinking into the chair.In this position, the four assistants should try to lift the person.

Stage 2: The assistants should now place their palms on top of the seated persons knee or shoulder and together, exert a steady downwards force.While they are doing this someone counts out loud from one to ten.On the count of nine, the four assistants quickly take their former positions with extended forefingers under the armpit or knee.

On the count of ten, they try again to lift the person. The seated person should think”up” and imagine himself or herself rising into the air. If these instructions are followed carefully, the person will soar straight up into the air on the forefingers of the assistants.

This trick is very visual and can really entertain a crowd.

T/S Force Fields Permeate The Entire Universe

The Universe is permeated by the basic fabric, basic fluid, or Ether, which is composed of alternating infinitely tiny pulsing units of T predominant fields and S predominant fields. :-) Just visualize the alternating black and white squares of chess board, and now make them 3-dimensional and make the squares spheres. The black denotes the T predominant fields and the white denotes the S predominant fields. Such fabric/fluid/ether is invisible to our senses and yet penetrate everything in this Universe.

The gravity we experience on the surface of Earth is the net of two forces, one, the T Field, is going toward the center of the Earth, and the other, the S field, is coming out of the center and moving toward the outer space.

The theoretical framework presented in Aaity Olson’s book ( Alchemical Manual for this Millennium Vol 1 and 2 ) not only gave plausible explanation to the phenomenon of gravity and anti-gravity, but also touched upon the insights into the construction and destruction of the matters.

Previously, we know that the visible matters are made from the binding together chemically various atoms. The author of this book points out that the Field ION Microscopy images have shown that the vibrational force fields which he/she calls T and S fields are the inherent construction components in the formation of the visible matters in our reality. In layman’s terms, the ST forces fields are the fabrics and glues that are intrinsic to stitch the atoms and molecules together.

Since both the S and T fields can be manipulated using electric means, it is possible for people who truly understand these concepts to construct or destruct matters at will. Since the ST fields also permeate vacuum spaces, then manipulating the force fields could alter/disrupt the electric/electronic signals transmitted through these spaces and fields.

The mechanism that “UFO” uses to overcome the gravity

As I explained earlier, the gravity we sense is the net of two opposing forces resulted from two opposing force fields that are all around us: S field and T field. The phenomenon of weight is the result of T fields penetrating the object. So the proposed solution is:

“In the design of a “UFO”, the craft is also insulated by S Field tori. But these tori are not the result of speed but are produced by motors that issue rolling tori continually out and around the ship to regulate any T Field line penetration. The speed and vibrational rates of these tori must be matched to the conditions of the GST Fields of a planet. ….”

If you want to see a concrete experiment, then search “Searl Effect” by John Searl.

Access to “Universal Knowledge Pool”

About two years ago, I discovered or realized the existence of the “Universal Knowledge Pool” which contains all knowledge that THERE IS, probably in a hyperplane. All our brains have access to it at various degrees. In this book, it is called “universal language”.

“The Universal Language has more to offer than the grandest public library and the most informed computer Internet…As you spend more and more time in the present, you will have access to a much greater library of information than your memory can provide. THAT WHICH IS KNOWN will become available to you.”

It was available to Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla, etc, and it is available to you and me.

William Lyne’s UFO Implementation Plan

A few years ago, I bumped into a book by William Lyne, in which he proposed a crude plan to build a UFO. At that time, I found it bizarre. Now I am not so sure about my judgement given the new enlightenment from Walter Russell’s work and Aaity Olson’s book. Here is a description on how William Lyne proposes to control the gravity ( or minimize the T Field line and maximize the S Field effect):

” The fundamental principle is simple: to electromagnetically synthesize momentum, employing a high voltage Direct Current brush discharge, in the direction of desired acceleration, to draw in and cause the exchange of ether carriers, which also brings in the tubes of electrical force, and to cause the tubes to dissolved in the conductors of the ship, which imparts momentum to the conductors, at 90 degrees to the electric current and magnetic inductance. In order to facilitate the dissolution of the tubes of force, an alternating current of sufficiently high frequency is utilized on the opposite end of the ship, to compress and block the ether carriers and tubes of force, so that they cannot pass out the rear, and are thereby forced to dissolve to impart momentum in the opposite direction. The hull should be accelerated, creating electromagnetic momentum in the desired direction almost instantaneously.

A Tesla coil is used to create a negative D.C. brush discharge on one electrode, and another Tesla coil is used on the opposite electrode, to create an A.C. high frequency, which compresses the ether carriers and tubes of force, and blocks their passage. ……”

The framework presented in Aaity Olson’s book apparently, in my view, gives some validity to Mr. Lyne’s plan of implementation. But before you build one for yourself, you can run many small experiment to test the concepts in question. It is important to realize the potential risk involved in handling high voltage and high frequency circuits and EM waves.

I do not know whether this plan will work. But I use it to illustrate that it is not prohibitive in terms of technological know-how and monetary budget required.

Energy From Higher Octaves

There are many phenomena on which the modern science does not have satisfactory explanations. One of them is :

We were told that the matter is composed of atoms. The atom has many electrons circling around a center, which is called nucleus. But the modern science cannot explain what makes the electrons continue to spin around the nucleus and what energy/force to keep the fast spinning electron in its tracks.

Over the past few years, my research yielded many new explanations: the atoms are powered by aether wind; the atoms are power by the current in the quantum fluid, etc. The one that fascinated me most is that the energy comes from the center of the atom or the nucleus. How can that be? What would be the source of that energy, if the Law of Conservation of Energy is to hold?

According to this book and a few other books, the center of the atom receives the energy from higher octaves or the USUT fields. For those who like to imagine layers, then it is like from a hyperplane.

If you adopt the framework that the Universe, material and immaterial, is populated by the intersecting and interacting force fields, which penetrating all the material objects, then the hyperplane could be reinterpreted as a different set of fields of higher frequencies or higher octaves, to which we probably do not have direct access from our reality. But we can probably have access to such fields by working on the force fields that are available to us — the ST fields of lower octaves.

If we can figure how the ST fields pull energy from the USUT fields, then we can probably create processes to accomplish the “miracle”. But we need to understand first that how such processes might affect the world we live in because any hack on the ST or USUT fields will have feedback to our reality, assuming we follow the line of thought of this framework.

Now we have solved the anti-gravity and limitless energy issues, the future of self-sustaining robotic entities becomes more concrete than previously believed. :-) )

Opening Recursive Portal to Energy of Higher Octaves

One of the great significance of the discovery made by Erwin Muller and Tien Tzou Tsong in “Field Ion Microscopy” is that the ubiquitous S/T fields are part of the construction material of the visible matter, and these fields seemingly glue the various atoms or other particles together. This also means that a disturbance in the S/T field could de-struct the visible matters into other formats. For example, it was said that inventor John Keely had created device to turn mine rocks into powder using the power of “sympathetic vibration”.

But the most interesting revelation from this book and other works is that the visible material world constantly take energy from the hyper-plane or higher octaves, which our senses could not yet perceive. The nucleus of each atom is probably a portal to the massive energy fields. The inventions, such as Tariel Kapanadze’s electric generator and John Searl’s Searl Effect Generator, are man-made devices to serve the portal to the high octave energy field. However, they operates in linear way.

Is it possible to create a portal to retrieve the energy in an exponential or recursive manner? Many inventors are trying different methods but so far nothing can work reliably. For example, one of prominent researcher mentioned that, the miniature reactor in one of his project imploded and turned into powder. Sounds impossible? It will not once you understand the power that is involved.

So far, in my view, the most of reliable recursive process known to men is probably the “fission chain reaction” — the exponential expansion of the portal to high octave energy fields stops when the purified fissile material is used up. I wonder whether such knowledge was originally channeled to the human consciousness from connection to the Universal Knowledge Pool, not due to random discovery by the scientists. I suspect that there are other ways/processes to achieve the same effect: pulling massive amount of energy from the higher octaves.

An experiment to understand about higher/lower Octaves

Many people cannot imagine how nucleus of each atom draw energy from the US/UT fields, or high Octave spaces, therefore automatically consider such hypothesis invalid. As a matter of fact, it is not hard to understand at all, as long as you have some experience with musical instruments such as piano. Let us do some experiments:

On your piano, slowly hold down a key, say Middle C, without generating sound. By doing this, the damper is disengaged and the string can vibrate freely when it receives vibratory energy. Then hit a key, say C two octaves above the Middle C. Before you release the key of this higher C, its tone will dominate. After you release the key of this higher C, you should still hear some tone. It is the tone of the middle C, as you are still holding down the middle C key and the damper is not engaged.

If we use C0 to denote the frequency of tone generated by Middle C key, then the frequency of this higher C note would be 2x2xC0 or 4xC0. As you have just demonstrated to yourself that the energy of higher octaves could induce resonant response in other octaves. The energy amplifies greatly as it passes through to the lower Octaves.

Now, if you can imagine that the reality we live in is just one or more keys of the lower octaves on a piano, metaphorically, then you can imagine that we can draw the energy from higher octave spaces using the right resonances. We can download the energy in a controllable way, or in a recursive and exponential way.

Recommended Reading

If you really want to find out the truth, check out the following books:

Walter Russell’s books (University of Science Philosophy)
The Secret of Light; New Concept of the Universe; Universal One; Atomic Suicide ( Free PDF files downloadable online.)

Alchemical Manual for this Millennium Vol 1 and 2 by Aaity Olson
(You can download it free from online at

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