Sea of Energy

We are “drowning” in the Sea of Energy, Part I.

The fact of matter is that we are surrounded by the pulsing electric potentials, and we are “drowning” in this abundant electric energy. Over the past one hundred years, we had many different kinds of inventions attesting to this fact. But yet, we still do not have scientific framework to explain such form of energy.

In my view, Walter Russell’s work gave nice theoretical framework to understanding of such energy source. And the recent invention by Tariel Kapanadze is just one kind of practical devices to harvest such form of energy. He followed the “bread crumbs” left by Nikola Tesla in his Tesla Coil. I think that there should be many other instances of invention which also tap into this same source of energy.

The most interesting thing is that the ability to harvest this form of energy is only restricted by the size, capability, and tolerance of the devices/processes you employ, otherwise it is unlimited. For example, in Kapanadze’s device, the coils can get burnt if too big a load is attached to the LC circuit.

When you combine such “unlimited” capability with other technologies such as Scalar Wave Energy tech, the war could finally disappear from this planet because no party can gain from war. There is a rumor that US wants to cancel the F-35 Fighter Jet program. Maybe it is a wise move in light of these tremendous advancement in man’s technological capability.

All these energy harvesting devices do not take billions of dollars to build. Tariel Kapanadze and his investors tried to sell a 5 Kilowatt version of his electricity generator. It has the size of a large toaster, and the cost of components, assuming they are all available commercially, should be within $1000, if not $500. Let us assume that his method of harvesting this energy is scalable, then we could build 5 MW power plant with a component cost of less than $1 million, with zero cost for fuel.

We probably can work out better way to harvest such form of energy in the future, which might lower the cost even further. However, once these knowledge and technologies become widely accepted and adopted, the current global financial and economic system might be badly shaken, at least in the short term, because the entire edifice of modern economics is built on the foundation of scarcity of resources. The availability of such “unlimited” source of energy would have been unthinable for Adam Smith, the founding father of the modern work of economics.

The shadowy government of the world have been postponing the release of such knowledge and technologies over the past few decades, in order to maintain their monopoly, not just of one or two industries, not just for the higher profitability, but of every aspect of our lives, and also to accomplish their goal of total domination of this planet by about this time. Obviously, they encountered lots of resistance, because what they tried to implement is against the human nature and the Natural Order of this Universe. This has become apparent during the past one hundreds years: never ending wars, looting of global wealth, monopoly in vital industries, monopoly of knowledge, and artificially engineered economic and financial instabilities all over the world. Now they are losing control as more and more people are awaken to these hidden or obscured knowledge.

Some of you might ask: why did not I invented something based on my understanding of these aforementioned principles and get a patent to make tons of money? Good question. Firstly, these knowledge and technologies are not new but they were hidden or obscured for many decades. Secondly, given the fundamental nature of this knowledge and the potential destructive power to the current global economic system, the patent will likely be classified and the court will order the inventor not to talk about it. In this case, the only way forward is to spread the knowledge and technology freely on the Internet so that people can investigate and learn about them, and even do some experiments if they so choose ( Beware of the risk involved handling high-frequency and high-voltage circuitry).

I cannot allow these knowledge and technology be kept hidden for many more decades to come. If there are enough people who are aware of their existence and yearning for their adoption, then it will happen. But maybe it is prudent to make sure that such process is carefully managed.

I hope that you will share this with many people, because we are all doing favors for the humanity, to which we belong.

We are “drowning” in the Sea of Energy, Part II.

If you indulge me, I would like to continue the following lines of thinking as pure thought exercise.

I think that Kapanadze’s electricity generator is a single-thread energy harvesting process. One can design multi-threaded or parallel processes to enhance the efficiency. But what if somebody figure out a “recursive” geometric expansion method?

Is CERN Hadron Collider such project? Was the reactor powered by Tritium depicted in Spider Man 2 the imitation of the real-world project? Is the so-called nuclear fission chain reaction process a special case of this “recursive” method?

One can consider Kapanadze’s twin LC circuit construction a swing in the playground. In order to make the swing continue its motion, you have to continuously apply a small in-phase pushing force. Without the pushing force, the motion of the swing will damp down. That is why, in his design, a small amount of electricity generated has to be redirected back to the LC circuits as the “pushing force”.

However, in a “recursive” geometric expansion design, the energy harvesting process will become self-sustaining. There will be no “pushing force” needed. The process will stop only at the preset boundary. Did improperly set boundary point of such experiment destroy the legendary planet “Maldek”?

( You can find lots of information on Tariel Kapanadze on the Internet, including his demo videos, patent applications, design schemes, etc. Walter Russell has “invented” a new Periodic Table, which is different from the one currently adopted by the mainstream science institutions. Maybe you should take a look.)

You can check out Walter Russell’s framework of Universe in these books

The Secret of Light

A New Concept of the Universe

We are “drowning” in the Sea of Energy, Part III.

I have heard about T. Henry Moray’s Radiant Energy device and his book The Sea of Energy In Which Earth Floats By since a couple of years ago but never got the chance to read the book until recently. Mr. Moray is said to have invented in the 1930s a RE device which weighted about 60 lbs and produced about 50 Kilowatts of electricity. Here is his own description of how his Radiant Energy device works:

“Basically the theory of operation is as follows. Oscillations are started in the first stage or circuit of the device by exciting it with an external energy source. The circuit is “tuned” until the oscillations are sustained by harmonic coupling to the cosmic wave frequencies. The reinforcing action of the harmonic coupling increases the amplitude of the oscillations until the peak pulses “spill” over into the next stage through a special detector or valve which prevents the return or feedback of energy from succeeding circuits. These “pulses” drive this stage which oscillates at a lower frequency and is again reinforced by harmonic coupling with the ever present cosmic waves. The second stage drives a third stage and additional stages are coupled until a suitable power level at a usable frequency and voltage is obtained by means of special transformers.”

“Once the machine is in operation and delivering power, it does not require any continuance of the excitation forces which are necessary to start it. The oscillations are sustained as long as it remains properly tuned and the external circuit is completed through a suitable load.”

“The special tubes which appear to be the key to the success of this device are Ionic cold cathode tubes which require no external power sources.”

If you wish to replicate the work of T. Henry Moray, Nikola Tesla, or Tariel Kapanadze, the key is to figure out the resonant frequencies. It should not be hard because you know that they exist due to earlier work done by these great people.

The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats

We are “drowning” in the Sea of Energy, Part IV.

As Henry Moray had stressed again and again in his book, his Radiant Energy device is not an energy “generator” but a “harvester”. The next leap of understanding is that each of such device, or process, is a “portal” which is capable of channeling the Cosmic energy, like a human is. I have to guess that the theoretical upper limit of the amount of energy possible by such “channeling” is infinity. We do not need to use petrol oil or coal resources to meet our energy needs. The energy is everywhere in this Universe.

So what are the implications of such revelation that we can synthetically create “portals” to harvest/utilize the “infinite” Cosmic energy?

Well, for one, that would make the scheme of “SkyNet” portrayed in movie “Terminator” more realistic: we all previously believed that things such as self-aware and self-operating SkyNet is impossible because, we, the human, can simply turn off the power switch and the entire domain will be shut down. At least we now understand that, once the Robots are properly designed, they would draw energy directly from the Cosmos to sustain their activities.

Can those robots, or Cyborgs, be smart enough to eventually dominate human race? As far as I can see, such technological feast can be achieved within one hundred years given the current pace of technological advancement. IBM’s deep blue has won the chess master Kasparov. We should not be surprised if the Cyborgs with “intelligence” 1000 times that of Deep-Blue would be developed less than one Century from now. And do not forget that the level of Kasparov’s observable intelligence is among the top of human groups. But all the Cyborgs can potentially have the same level of intelligence as the smartest one can since it is only a matter of program updates.

Does it mean that the Cyborgs have the potential to dominate the human race someday in the future? There is great chance of this happening over the next Century, if majority of human fail to activate the “portals” inside of them in time.

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    Great. If you have to play with it, please make sure that you are aware of the risk involved in handling high-frequency and high-voltage circuitry.

    Thank you for your comment!

  2. admin Post author

    The Law of Conservation of Energy holds in these “free energy” cases, because those energy are harvested from a source which is unknown to most of us. If modern physics could not explain these phenomena, then the framework should be updated. Actually, I think the new framework is already here — Walter Russell’s Cosmogony.

    Congratulation on your 4KW! It was said that T. Henry Moray’s radiant energy device weighed about 60 lbs and could generate up to 50KW of electricity. So do not let anything limit our mind.

    Thank you for your comment!

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    If you search those names which I mentioned on the Internet, you will find wealth of information, including patent filings and circuit diagrams. Try to have a good understanding of Tesla Coil, it will help a lot. But you need to figure out the resonant frequency yourself by trial and error.
    Before you do anything, please make sure that you are well aware of the risk involved in handling high-voltage and high frequency circuitry.

    Thank you for your comment!

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