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I bumped into works by Walter Russell in my research for the true nature of this Universe. Walter Russell is considered by many the “Leonardo da Vinci of our time”. He did not have much formal education, yet he was a accomplished painter, sculptor, author, builder, and also a natural philosopher for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony. Interestingly, he was Nikola Tesla’s friend. In many of his published book, Walter Russell presented his theories on the nature of this Universe and this reality, including a new Periodic Table which contains many elements that the modern scientists are yet to discover.

The following books are my favorite:

A New Concept of the Universe

The Secret of Light

In the “Secret of Light”, Walter Russell presented a new periodic table of elements. “Elements are not fixed created things. They are pressure conditions of light waves.” He concluded that it is possible to create element Gold from element Mercury by changing the “pressure conditions”. I do not know how true this claim is. But there are reports that people have successfully conducted the experiments using devices wrapped in coils.

The Universal One

Many people would be turned off by his constantly using the term “God”. I think he used that term to refer to the all-encompassing-power or the “Source” which have ensured the continued functioning, at more fundamental level, of our perceived world/reality. (Ask yourself what controls your heartbeat during the waking and sleeping hours, and what forces propel the spinning/pulsing in each atom.) Maybe he believed that the best way to acquire the knowledge is to “download” them directly from the “Universal Knowledge Pool”, as he and Nikola Tesla probably did. That “Universal Knowledge Pool” is part of the all-encompassing-power or the “Source”.

You can also listen to the reading of some of the books on Youtube:

At the end of your research, maybe you can help to answer the following question which still puzzles me:
No matter whether you subscribe to the traditional atomic model of spinning electrons around the nucleus or the Russellian twin vortexes model, what is the force that keeps the electrons spinning at close to speed-of-light, and maintains the constant cycle of generative and degenerative twin vortex motions? Where does the energy come from to propel such motions in each of the atoms?? The Modern Science has never given an explanation for this.

The following are presentations made by Matt Presti and Robert Otey about the the fundamental theories of Russellian Science: ( You might need to watch them a few time to let them sink in )

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    I agree. I would like to add that that LIFE responds to the Mind. That would be the basis of “Mind over Matter”.

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    It is probably too early for me to attempt to answer that question. I will wait for answers from other people.

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