Why do we seldom hear about Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor of our time?

Nikola Tesla has invented thousands of devices and processes, and had hundreds of patents. He used to work for another great and much publicized inventor of our time — Thomas Edison after he immigrated from Serbia to US, but later he distinguished himself by discovering many technologies that were “way ahead of his time”. Yet, we seldom hear about him. Why?

After many years of research on his work and other related materials, I think that there are a few concerns to publicize him:

(1) Many of his inventions were considered “way ahead of his time”, so that they were not incremental improvement from then prevailing knowledge, practices and processes ( i.e. early 20th Century). Hence some people suspected that he had some extraneous sources.( If you are a student of “iChemy”, then you know that he probably has tapped into the “Universal Knowledge Pool”. My guess is that the massive knowledge stored there are not indexed by time as we know it. :-) )

(2) Nikola Tesla proposed a beam technology that could penetrate soil, rocks and event lead. Judging from the materials available in the public domain, he did not leave any implementation plan. But there was something similar to that — the “scalar wave energy” beam. According to Tom Bearden, the scalar wave energy can manage the global weather, and can also dematerialize objects hidden behind rocks or lead walls, if the energy is powerful enough. These claims may well be “fairy tales” until you find the foundational framework that could explain all these phenomena. That is where Walter Russell filled the blanks.

(3) Nikola Tesla is said to have conceptualized “tesla ray”, which he claimed that “could split a planet in half”. There is no document about this “invention”. However, if this claim is true, then he has already made a great contribution to the knowledge of men by pointing out the possibility of such “miracle”. It should not be hard to imagine the solution: the planets are spinning at high speed. The centrifugal force alone could ripped them apart. But it did not because there are other forces that compress the matter of the planets together in a balanced manner to maintain the integrity. Maybe “tesla ray” can alter the balance of such compression forces.

I think that these are the reasons that Nikola Tesla was not widely publicized. I urge you to learn more about him if you can find time from your busy life, and reach your own conclusion.

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