“The Awakening”: Conspiracy Theories with A Happy Ending!

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The world is at a cross point. There are many signs if you look closely enough.

September 11, 2014 is the 13th Anniversary of 9/11. And it is time to wake up from the “collective dream” we share. As you might have observed during the past thirteen years that the dark had not stopped pushing the entire humanity toward the destruction.

But the perception of dark side of this world should not be used as an excuse to fall into the state of despair, instead it should be used as the impetus to search for ways to empower our life. The best way to defeat the dark is not to confront it, but to search for the light within. In the end, light always conquer the darkness, no exception.

Some highlights of the discussions presented in this book “Journey Into The Light: The Awakening”:

(1) All the observed events such as 9/11, 2008 Financial Crisis, etc., are not random ones. They are manipulated and even scripted.

(2) Large part of the world are in essence ruled or managed by the shadowy groups, not by the national or international government. The national sovereignty hence is only a make-believe.

(3) The dark force is only part of the polarizing forces that have influenced this reality. The light force is also quite strong. It is up to us to choose which side we would be on. And the best way to defeat the darkness is not to confront it but to search for the light within.

(4) Many independent researchers have shown that this reality is interactive, and the patterns of our thoughts/emotions actually determine what kind of lives we experience. Collectively, it is possible for us to change the world for the better once we acquire the knowledge.

(5) Many ancient teachings hinted that our mission in this lifetime is to search for the inner light. But most of them have been quite vague. Empowered with Internet, the seekers can now obtain the information/knowledge necessary to embark on this journey.

I hope that it will help you to start your journey to overcome the darkness and search for the powerful inner light. Each of us has unlimited power inherent within us. Life provides the opportunity for us to search for it. Please click “Journey Into The Light: The Awakening” to download FOR FREE. I believe that no barrier should keep the knowledge from the seekers.

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