The Tao and The Hidden Science

According to Taoist teaching, the Universe is created from “nothingness”: In the beginning was Nothingness. Out of Nothingness came a random thought. A thought caused a movement within the stillness that generated infinite ripples. Movement gave rise to qi, vital breath. Breath congealed into the five elements – metals, water, wood, earth, fire, symbolic of matter. Then this chaos became organized by yin and yang. Breathing knew inhalation and exhalation, the Universe was ordered according to duality; for only in the interaction and tension between polar opposites could movement and evolution arise. The interaction of all these things finally brought forth the gods, humanity, and all the myriad phenomena. That first thought was like a stone dropping into a pristinely still pond. All that came after that may be called the Tao. ( from Deng Ming-Dao’s Chronicles of Tao)

How is this basic understanding of Tao related to the Hutchison Effect discovered by John K. Hutchison of Canada? In the experiments conducted by John Hutchison, he blasted a 60lb iron ball with High-Voltage and High-Frequency electromagnetic wave, presumably generated using two Tesla Coils in his possession, and the iron ball started to levitate. He also discovered that, when using a small metal sample, it started to disappear and then reappear, for many times.

I wonder whether John Hutchison accidentally discovered the “Nothingness” where everything in this physical world comes from. I noticed a very important point in the Tao teaching that the physical world is apparently constructed from the interaction of the polarized forces — yin and yang. The constant motion or movement is inherent in all the matters, both biological and non-biological, in this physical world. Take a look at your chair. It sits there and does not move at all. And there is no indication that any of part of it moves. Yet, its very existence is the result of the interaction of Yin and Yang and of the movement and motion.

What would happen when such interaction, movement, and motion at sub-atomic level stop? The chair will disappear and will go back to the “Nothingness”. Such process could be applied to any objects in this physical world. Maybe discovery made by John Hutchinson, in my view, gives human the power to do just that.

For those who are interested in “boring” physics theories, check out work by Walter Russell. I explain parts of his framework on several pages of this website. But be warned, what you learn here will be vastly different from what you had learned in high school or college.

If you want to understand how I bumped into these materials, please check out my book “Journey Into The Light: The Awakening”. You might heard that there is monopoly on natural resources or technologies, but you were probably never told that there could be monopoly on knowledge.

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