MH17 and MH 370


It does not take a genius to see the connection between MH370 and MH17. According to Boeing website, since 9/11, all the Boeing commercial jets have been upgraded with a control system which allows the ground crew to remote control the plane in case of a hijack or other emergency. The document is available on Boeing website. My impression is that somebody in the cockpit has to manually engage such function and give total control to the ground crew. But, a “back door” program, in my view, could be installed in the system to allow the ground crew remotely activate the “total control” option without the consent of pilots in the cockpit. Somebody could have infiltrated the Malaysian Air maintenance crew to have installed the software containing the “back-door”. Or the “back-door” is present in all Boeing commercial jets, but only Malaysian Airlines was selected to be the victims.

It is highly likely that MH17 was indeed shot down by the Rebel, only because the transponder and other communication system might have been turned off so that it would not appear as commercial jet on the radar. It is also likely that a Ukrainian military jet happened to be close-by. MH17 could also have descended significantly, controlled by a ground crew, from 10000 M assigned altitude moments before the missile impact.

End of Bretton Woods Era:

This event is highly likely not a straight-forward “accident” because July 17 is just two days after the announcement by the BRICS countries to establish the BRICS Development Bank. Although it might take a few years to fully implement the project, the very announcement symbolize the starting of the end of Bretton Woods regime, created almost seventy years ago after the WW II.
I applaud the transformation of the global financial system from speculative and exploitative stage to the “stable and comprehensive growth to benefit all” phase. It took seventy years for courageous and dedicated people to finally put this project on track. It will take even more people’s single-minded devotion and entrepreneur spirit to eventually make it global standard.

The 21st Century will not be the American Century or Chinese Century. It will be the Century of COMMON people who are awaken to their heritage.