Walter Russell, the New-Einstein

Walter Russell’s work also shed light on the following important concepts: one is about the possibility of invisible energy sources, and the other is about our relationship to this Universe.

(1) The unseen energy sources

As the we humanity as a whole are gradually moving away from carbon based energy sources into alternative/renewable energy sources, we focus on those that we can sense: the solar energy, the wind energy, and the ocean tide energy, etc. But could there be energy sources which our five senses could not detect yet we use harvest them by advanced technologies?
There are many things which serve us yet our sense could not detect. For example, the RF waves which transmit radio and TV signals; the microwave, which we use to cook or relay our mobile data exchanges.

According to Walter Russell, we have unlimited amount of cosmic energy all around us at any point and at any time. They are not obvious to our senses or to our scientific instruments because they are in equilibrium. Once we design a process to disrupt such equilibrium, then we will be able to harvest the limitless cosmic energy.

Does this sound outlandish? Well, yes, to our traditionally trained mind. But there have been couple of devices invented by various inventors during the past seventy years that can do just that — disrupting the equilibrium and harvest the energy. I give you two names to those who want to do further study on this subject: T. Henry Moray, and Tariel Kapanadze. Mr. Moray is said to have been able to generate 50 KW out of a device as big as a dish washer. Kapanadze is said to have tried to sell a 15 KW device the size of a large toaster.

Both of these devices do not take any other input except for battery to start the operation. Interestingly, none of the inventors can adequately explain why there devices work. But in my view, Walter Russell’s work gives a coherent theoretical foundation of these phenomena.

(2) Our relationship with the Universe

We all heard about the fairy tale “Foolish Old Man Who Moves Mountain”. The lesson to be learned is that in life will-power really matters. I think that there is deeper understanding here: the relationship between we the human and the Nature; between the mind and the Universe.

I think that the deeper meaning from that famous story, as what Walter Russell and many others have seemingly suggested, is that this Universe, or reality, in which we live is somehow interactive.

Let me use an analogy to illustrate the meaning of “interactive”: There are many games nowadays which allow the players to create characters, construct cities and bridges, and define how different characters or entities to interact with each other. The master programmer of the game defines the basic construct, rules, and limits of the game, and the players creates all the entities/subjects in the game by following the rules/limits. For characters living in the game environment, it is impossible for them to consciously change/modify the game environment in which they live. Only the master programmer and the game players, who are external to the game environment, would be able to effect direct changes to what those characters can experience. So in a game construct, the game characters cannot interact with the environment.

Most of us were brought up believing that is also the case in the reality we live in. But according to Walter Russell’s work, we actually can consciously effect change to our environment, e.g. our health, our life, and the bigger world …. or if you will, our world can actually be shaped by our mind, our desire and our will. It is as if, in the aforementioned game example, there is a hidden interface in the game construct that allows the game characters to modify the game parameters from within. Does that sound incredible?

In life, we strive hard to be all we can be. We know that it requires hard work and single-minded devotion. I think that hidden knowledge revealed by Walter Russell could help us to expand our definition of the “All” that we think we can be.

You can download Walter Russell’s books for free online:

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