Interesting and Powerful Knowledge

The summer is coming. I would like to contribute some balancing energy by recommending Walter Russell’s books. I discovered his work while researching on Nikola Tesla and other obscured genius of the past Century.

Walter Russell wrote many books. In his work, he painstakingly described the knowledge/concept which he claimed to have obtained through “Cosmic Illumination” i.e. he had all the knowledge telepathically dumped into his mind, which he then interpreted using English language and lots of illustrative drawings.

Does it sound unbelievable, like Arabian Night stories? Under normal circumstance, I would have never paid attention to his work. But somehow I did read his books and reread them many times since.

In my view, Walter Russell presented a coherent theory/concept of the Construct of the Universe, and how we are related to it. As a matter of fact, his theories could be used to explain many as-of-yet unexplained phenomena.

Walter Russell’s discovery includes the following:

(1) Everything in this material world, from Galaxy to atom, constantly experience two “opposing” processes: the generative/compressive one and radiative/expansive one. This leads to the new understanding of Chinese “yin/yang” concept.

(2) He created a periodic table ( tale of Elements) which is arranged based on music Octaves. In his table, there are many elements before Hydrogen, but so far invisible to our senses and even our scientific instruments. He sent his periodic table to hundreds of scientists in America and in the world in 1920s, and he believed that it has assisted the discovery of the elements later used in the fission reaction.

(3) He stated that the gravity, which the modern science considers as pulling force from the center of mass of an object, is actually the net result of two forces — the generative force toward the center of the mass and the radiative force coming from the center of the mass. These two forces are both electrical in nature, which can possibly be altered using electric means.
Some might ask, if Walter Russell’s theory is so powerful and important, why nobody in top Research Institutions in the world has promoted the knowledge/understanding? I think that the answer is obvious once you truly understand the implication of these knowledge.

Better yet, you can download the free pdf files of these books on the Internet:

The Secret of Light
A New Concept of the Universe

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If you have an ebook reader, then you can use free software Calibre to convert the pdf format into epub or mobi formats.

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